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We supply a range of gas fired warm air heaters. These are ideal for most modern, well insulated buildings, such as factories, halls and other commercial buildings. Warm air heating is ideal for buildings with low or moderate height roofs, however de-stratification fans can be used in buildings with higher roofs.

We supply two ranges of warm air heaters:

  • UPA Warm Air Heaters are flue fan assisted with combustion air being taken from the room in which the heater is located.
  • UDSA Warm Air Heaters are room sealed appliances with combustion air being taken from outside of the building.

UPA and UDSA warm air heaters

A UDSA warm air heater
A UDSA warm air heater
Serpentine heat exchanger
Serpentine heat exchanger

Both the UPA and UDSA range differ only in flueing arrangements. Both models come complete with a patented serpentine heat exchanger which is over 92% efficient. The heaters also have a modern burner design which offers better reliability and lower pollutant emissions than older burners.

Both ranges come complete with differential pressure switch which shuts off the burner if either the flue or combustion air supply are obstructed. Duel limit thermostats also monitor the airflow to prevent overheating in the event of the fan failing or being restricted.

These models are also designed to be compact and lightweight, and are up to 37% lighter than comparative models while still retaining a high level of durability.

Both horizontal and vertical downflow (Combined heating / destratification) units are available, from 7kw up to 97kW.


Two flueing arrangements are available. Balanced flue up to 9m and fan assisted flue up to 16m. Both wall and roof outlets are available.

Design Strategy

A quick rule of thumb guide may be used to determing the heating requirement of an area. This gives a good approximation of what equipment you will need.

1. Calculate building volume in m3.

2. Multiply the volume by one of the factors below to get the heat input needed in kW.

Image:WA Heat Input Factor.gif

3. Select heater to obtain good throw. The larger the heater selected, the more economical the installation.

4. Divide system capacity by heater capacity to obtain number of heaters.


Building 35m x 20m x 8m high. Building volume is 5600 m3. Average Insulation.

Heat input required is 5600 x 0.04 = 224kW. Select heaters to get the required input capacity.

Further information

Further information on our UPA power flue range, including pricing and technical data, is available at the following product group:

Further information on our UDSA balanced flue range, including pricing and technical data, is available at the following product group: