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PROCLEAN 2WR 3000 litre Stratified Tank inc. insulation
The PRO-CLEAN 2WR range has a second hot water heat exchanger coil. This increases the domestic water heating capacity of the PRO-CLEAN by about 80% and makes it ideal for commercial water heating applications such as hotels, guest houses, nursing homes etc.

PRO-CLEAN is the ultimate tank for use with systems based on renewable energy as it makes the best use of the lower water temperatures available from solar and heat pump based systems. It is an ideal component of biomass systems.

The outer tank contains heating water while the high surface area stainless steel coils contain the domestic hot water. When solar heating is used, an optional stratified charging system ensures that the warmest water is always available at the top of the tank in order to rapidly heat the domestic water. For a detailed description of how this works, click here !

  • Eliminates risk of legionella in domestic hot water.
  • Allows integration of oil, gas, solid fuel, heat pumps with solar for both central heating and hot water heating.
  • Plentiful hot water production.
  • Simple to install and maintain.

  • Stratified charging system optimises efficiency of solar heating system.
  • Insulated Tank 100mm foam.
  • Outer tank made from high quality Steel.
  • Corrugated DHW coils from 316 Stainless Steel with 2 x 75 litre volume.
  • Suitable for up to 16 solar collectors.

  • Note: The Stratified Heat Exchanger must be purchased seperately for applications where solar heating is used. Where a stratified heat exchanger is not used, 4 no SOL895 dummy flanges must be installed in its place.
    Price: € 7,820.00Add to cart
    Product data
    CH ConnectionsDHW ConnectionsImmersion
    1½" BSP2 x 1" BSP1½" BSP

    DEAP Parameters
    Dedicated Solar VolumeDeclared Loss FactorStorage Volume
    873 l13.59 kWh/day2910 l

    Hot Water
    DHW Capacity (once off @ 60/38°C)DHW Continuous Output (10°- 45°C)Pressure Loss @ 100 l/min
    2610 l6981 l/h0.14 bar

    HeightWeightTilt HeightDia. c/w InsulDia. exc. Insul
    2760 mm493 kg2780 mm1450 mm1250 mm
    Click to download Pro-clean technical data - pdf 0.89Mb
    Click to download Pro-clean schematics - pdf 1.03Mb
    Accessories List
    Price: € 2,340.00
    ST60 Spherical Heat Exchanger c/w insulation
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    Price: € 720.00
    Combination tank installation kit 300L
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    Price: € 550.00
    Maxivarem LR 300L expansion vessel for CH
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    Price: € 780.00
    Maxivarem LR 400L expansion vessel for CH
    Add to cart
    Price: € 75.00
    3kW (230V) Immersion 1.5in
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    Price: € 415.00
    6kW Immersion (380V) 1.5in
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    Price: € 22.00
    2" to 1 1/2" extension sleeve for Electric element
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    Price: € 18.00
    Dial thermometer
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    Price: € 42.00
    Boiler thermostat BT-K with a 1/2" copper dry pocket
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    Price: € 128.00
    1 1/2" corrugated connection pipe 1250mm
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    Price: € 83.00
    1 1/4" Priority flap VK 1
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    Price: € 18.00
    FLP-ST dummy flange inc seal for proclean
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    Price: € 10.00
    Automatic Air Vent Valve 1/2"
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    Price: € 12.00
    3 bar Safety Valve (male)
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    Price: € 220.00
    Inibal plus - 5kg
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