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UESA55 Condensing Warm Air Heater - 55kW
The new market leading UESA series of energy saving condensing gas fired unit heaters from AmbiRad (Reznor) provides the highest efficiency levels and substantially reduced carbon dioxide emissions.

These 3rd generation units utilise corrosion resistant aluminium in the manufacture of the MacroChannel multipass heat exchanger and are up to 25% lighter than the previous condensing models.

  • Up to 104% thermal efficiency
  • Reduced CO2 and NOx emissions
  • Reduced energy bills
  • Ideal for new low carbon buildings
  • Up to 30% energy saving on replacement heaters
  • New burner technology offers excellent reliability
  • Versatile flue options for ease of siting
  • Optional wireless control
Price: € 7,175.00Add to cart
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