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How Central Vacuum Systems Work

A central vacuum pack
A central vacuum pack

RVR Supply a range of Central Vacuum Systems from French company Aldes. These have been selected for their excellent quality and ease of use, simple installation and low cost.

Central Vacuum Systems

The central vacuum units from Aldes are suited to houses of up to a maximum of 500m2 and are suitable for cleaning all types of floors. They contain the central vacuum unit and cleaning accessories. The central vacuum unit is suitable for installation in a garage, cellar or utility room.

These units are simple for the plumber to install and commission as the system does not need wiring to the wall inlets (except for dust pan inlet). The system is simple to use as the vacuum is started using a simple pressure wave created by the handle of the brush and stopped the same way The "bag" soes not have to be emptied for several months at a time.

System Components


Central Unit

Cutaway of the central vacuum unit
Cutaway of the central vacuum unit

The central unit should preferably be fitted in a cupboard, utility room hot press or garage, or other location where it would be discrete yet accessible. The room must be dry and sufficiently ventilated to ensure that the motors remain cool. The unit must be installed indoors.

For a normal installation, Aldes systems do not need any exhaust pipes to outside. This is due to high quality filters in the unit. However, it can be flued to outside if required, in order to ensure the absolute highest internal air quality.

The unit should be mounted on a load-bearing wall to avoid the transmission of vibration. The ideal location for the central unit is one that minimises the lengths of duct used. A central location is preferable.

In the case of a multi-floor house, it is always preferable that the central unit be located on the ground floor. In the event that the central unit must be installed in an upper storey (attic or top floor), it should be noted that the efficiency of the sockets will be reduced due to the effort needed to overcome gravity and lift the dust to the upper floor.

Central unit cutaway

  1. Power supply block: contains the Central Unit management system.
  2. Dust tank: contains the filter bag. This tank can be removed to allow the user to dispose of its' contents cleanly.
  3. Filter bag: manufactured using a specific material, designed to provide the most efficient filtration levels.
  4. Metallic chassis: supports all the components, also allows the central unit to be wall-mounted.
  5. Motor Block: This unit can also be ducted to outside if necessary, which can help to ensure indoor air quality.
  6. Electrical supply cord


When the locations of the central unit and sockets have been decided upon, the whole system must be interconnected using PVC tubing. In order to do this, the installer should always attempt to:

  • minimise the lengths of the PVC tubing
  • limit the number of bends and connections
  • reduce the number and lengths of vertical piping

Aldes central vacuum systems use 51mm diameter "T Series" PVC piping. This piping can be glued together by the installer.


All the components in an ALDES' centralised vacuum cleaning system have been designed to aid the flow of dust and limit the risk of the network becoming blocked up. To guarantee long-term use of the system, the route and assembly of the network that your installer chooses must follow a few rules:

  • It must use large radius curves (no tight 90° bends).
  • It must not use T-junctions or Cross junctions.

Standard Inlets

The standard inlets are simple for your intaller to mount as they do not need wiring to the wall inlets. The system is started using a simple pressure wave created by the handle of the brush and stopped by closing the inlet.

The inlets are generally installed in the lower part of the walls, at the same height as electrical sockets (skirting board mounting).

They can also be installed mid-way up the walls (60 to 120 cm from the floor), which will take them out of the reach of young children.

Other possibilities consist of embedding them into the flooring (through the floor slab), in a stair riser or within a cupboard. One should avoid installing the sockets in the centre of a wall where it risks being covered by a piece of furniture at a later date.

It is always preferable that they be installed in corridors, entrance ways, and if possible close to doorways.

Inlet mounting is done by means of a Universal mounting kit, into which the actual inlet is connected.

Kitchen "Dust Pan" Inlets

A special "Dust Pan" inlet is available for the kitchen or bathrooms. This allows you to easily sweep the floor without the need for a dust pan.

You simply tap a button with your foot to activate the unit. You can then sweep the dust and debris from the floor into the unit. You then tap the cover closed to shut it off.

This special unit is also suitable for bathrooms or other tile rooms which need to be swept. Your installer needs to wire these inlets to the main unit as they do not start and stop based on pressure.


Hose and Cleaning Accessories

Aldes Central Vacuum units come with 7.5 metres of hose, a brush and cleaning accessories.

The brush clips together to the hose. It is possible to replace the head of the brush with other cleaning accessories, e.g. a nozzle for reaching tight areas.

The hose simply clips in to the inlet at the wall.

You starts the vacuum by means of a pressure wave. Simply click a handle on the brush into place to start. You can then control the suction by rotating the handle. To stop the vacuum, just reset the handle to its' original position.

Further Information

Further information, pricing and literature downloads are all available at the following product group: