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Solar Grant Information

The RVR Solar HP Range, Calpak 12VTN and TiSun FM-S are all eligible for grant funding under the SEI Greener homes scheme.

Funding available

The greener homes scheme provides funding for solar systems based on the amount of collector installed. This is based on the total aperture area of the panels.

  • For flat panels you can get a grant of €250 per m2 of aperture (up to a maximum of 6m2)
  • For vacuum collectors you can get a grant of €300 per m2 of aperture (up to a maximum of 6m2)

For example, an installation with two Calpak 12VTN collectors would be eligible for a grant of 1.95m2 of aperture x €300 for vacuum collectors x 2 panels. E.g. 1.95 * 300 * 2 = €1170


  • The house for which you are applying must be an existing house, have an existing heating system and must have been occupied for a minimum of one year.
  • You must own the house where the system is to be installed.
  • The product must be listed on the eligible products list
  • The installer must be listed on the registered installer List

Steps to take

  1. Read the Greener Homes Scheme Application Guide: Application Guide (pdf)
  2. Fill up and send the application form: Application Form (RVR can supply you with a pre-filled form for your application. Just call us from 9:00-5:30 Mon to Fri on 0818 313 003 or email us at
  3. Wait for the offer of a grant by post (typically 3-4 weeks)
  4. Respond accepting the offer
  5. Purchase and install the system
  6. The installer will provide you with a commissioning report once the system is up and running
  7. Send the Request for payment form to the SEI, including a copy of the commissioning report and invoices for work carried out.

Please Note: Is is very important that you have the offer of a grant before purchasing equipment or installing it. The SEI WILL NOT retroactively provide grant funding after you have purchased equipment.

Further information

For further information you can either: