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As the renewable energy market continues to grow we'll be ready to grow with it.

Over the past few years we’ve experienced an ever increasing number of home owners contacting us and requesting installations of solar systems, heat pumps, wood pellet boilers and high efficiency gas boilers. Unfortunately, as suppliers, we can supply the equipment but we don’t install. In response to this have built a nationwide installer network.

The RVR Installer Network

Media coverage and national grant schemes such as the greener homes scheme have brought great awareness of high efficiency and renewable technologies. Solar heating, heat pump, wood pellet and condensing gas boiler markets are continuing to go from strength to strength. By capturing some of the growing interest in these technologies, we believe that we can help to increase both your business and our own. We are continuing to build a network of installers who are familiar with our products and are confident to install them.


Example of the RVR installer map
Example of the RVR installer map

While we believe that our website has always good source of technical information, we realise that at times it is too technical and in-depth for the average homeowner. These visitors require clear, concise guides giving a good overview of how different heating systems work. As a result, we have recently updated our website to include an information area that explains each technology in-depth.

In the "homeowners" area we explain the different technologies available, and then guide the homeowner to our network of installers. Using an interactive map of Ireland, visitors to the site can quickly see where their local installers are and can click on them to view all their details. We would be delighted to put a page on the site featuring your business and the services you offer, or if you have your own website, we’ll happily provide a link to it.

If you do not have a website, this is a great opportunity to get online at no cost. We can also provide you with your own email address, i.e.

Marketing Support

Local and National advertising can bring in large numbers of high quality enquiries. We regularly conduct local marketing campaigns nationwide in order to capture the business of those who are already thinking of making the change and going green. When we receive a response to these campaigns, we pass on the generated leads to you, the installer.

The SEI Energy show and other heating and self build shows are another excellent source of leads. We can also help any installer who may wish to exhibit at a show by supplying support and exhibition materials.

Training Days / Supplier visits

We intend to continue with our equipment training days where we will keep everyone up to date with the latest developments in renewable technology. In 2007 we ran a series of comprehensive training days on solar heating. In late 2008 we began to run Biomass training days and these will continue in 2009. We will also have training on heat pumps and combination systems.

On these occasions we allow for a lot of hands-on activities to ensure everyone is confident using these systems. If an installer is happy with the initial training, we can get them FETAC accreddited at a reduced rate.

We also have some great suppliers – Immergas in beautiful Parma, Italy – TiSun, high in the Alps in Tirol, Austria – Calpak in sunny Athens – and many more. We run trips several times a year to visit our suppliers. We’d love to have you come with us on one of our ongoing trips to see what our suppliers are all about, get a feel for their local flavour, or to just kick back and get to know each other better.

Technical Support

The RVR Customer Care Team
The RVR Customer Care Team

We pride ourselves on our strong technical knowledge and with over 30 years in the heating industry we can provide a wealth of experience and knowhow. Should you find yourself facing a complication during an installation or just want to check the best methods, we are only a phone call away. We also have a service team on the road that can help you get on your feet with your first installations, or provide advice and support in the long run.

Range of Systems

An RVR Solar Kit
An RVR Solar Kit

Because every application is different we have developed a broad range of systems to suit every situation. We have systems to suit all jobs, from small residential units to large commercial applications. We have worked hard to improve ease of product selection and have developed a range of systems and kits to meet your needs and save you time.

Solar Software

We use a range of custom designed software to help choose the correct design for your application. For larger commercial applications we can provide information on how variations in the system design can affect the efficiency of your system. We can also provide you with a feasibility study showing a clear economic rationale explaining why your customer should choose your system.

We would be delighted to provide you with the software to support your own sales pitch. We have developed a unique solar thermal design programme which can make it easier for you to design your system, and allows you to present your customer with a printed report fully customised with your company letterhead. We are making this software available free of charge to installers in our network.

Promotions and Bonus Schemes

We value your business, and as a sign of our appreciation, we would like to offer you special bonuses as time goes on. From time to time we run promotions offering free equipment to our most valued customers/

What Next?

All we ask in return for being part of the RVR Installer Network is a little of your business. By making this network a success, we hope we can help each other go from strength to strength!

If you are interested in joining the RVR Installer Network, please call Nigel now on 0818 300 229.