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Wood Pellet Products

Sweden is the world's largest market for wood pellet and wood gasification boilers. In fact, in 2006 Sweden used as many wood pellets as Germany, Austria and Italy combined.

We have chosen Varmebaronen, one of Sweden's largest wood pellet and wood gasification boiler manufacturers as our partner for biomass products.

Varmebaronen Wood Pellet Boilers

Star Pellet Boiler
Star Pellet Boiler

There are two models of wood pellet boiler available. The Star Pellet Boiler has a capacity of 20kW and contains an internal buffer volume of 175 litres of water as well as a high capacity plate heat exchanger. This allows the boiler to provide a high level of DHW on demand.

The Apollo Pellet Boiler also has a capacity of 20kW and contains a buffer volume of 90 litres of water. It features an in-built 100L water heating cylinder which offers superior performance when high flowrates are required.

Further information and pricing available here:

Bulk pellet storage

Ready Made Storage

Self Build Storage
Self Build Storage

We offer a range of products which are ready made and include all the necessary features of a pellet store. Filling pipes, breaker mats and ventilation are all included in these high quality stores.

SBM775.jpg SBM776.jpg ASM750.jpg ASM700.jpg

More information and pricing for ready made storage is available at the following link:

Self Build Storage

We offer a range of fittings, filling pipes, vent pipes, breaker mats and pellet cones that allow you to build your own storage. More information and priocing for self build products and self build kits is available at the following link:

Augers and transfer methods

For further information and prices for these products, please click on the stock codes below.

Transfer Options
Code Model
SBM010 1.5 Metre Varmebaronen Auger
SBM020 2.5 Metre Varmebaronen Auger
SBM030 Up to 25 metre Flexible Auger