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We supply a full range of solar components including Solar Stations, Expansion Vessels and Solar Fluid.

Solar Stations

RVR Supply a wide range of solar stations for many different applications. Our standard model is the FlowCon S from Resol but we also supply other models such as the budget FlowCon A and larger stations use with applications such as East/West systems, twin thermal stores, and larger installations.

FlowCon S

A Flowcon S solar station
A Flowcon S solar station

The FlowCon S solar station contains all of the most important control and hydraulic components required to install a solar heating system in one neat package. Components Include:

  • Solar System Controller.
  • Dial Thermometer
  • Pressure control device with safety valve and System Filling Point
  • Wall mounting with screws and dowels
  • Moulded Heat insulation

This is an ideal solar station as it contains a system filling point and manometer as well as an expansion vessel connector. This makes it a great time saver when it comes to filling the system.

Full details including pricing is available at the following link:

Other Solar Stations

A twin store solar station
A twin store solar station

We also supply a range of other solar stations. These include:

  • FlowCon A with Delta Sol AX Controller - A low cost RESOL solar station
  • FlowCon B with Duplex Controller
  • D2F Station for East West Systems
  • S2F Station for Dual Store Systems
  • S12-32 Station for large applications
  • TOP-S 30/10-3 Station for large applications

Full details including pricing is available at the following link:

Solar controller

A Resol BS Controller
A Resol BS Controller

We also supply a full range of controls which you can use with your own pump station if you wish. These include the RESOL range of BS/3, BS/Pro, Delta Sol M, Delta Sol Plus, Delta Sol E and N multiplex controllers.

Full information including pricing is available at the following link:

Solar Fluid

Tyfocor Antifreeze
Tyfocor Antifreeze

All RVR solar systems are designed to use a mix of 40% Propylene Glycol antifreeze and water. We supply Tyfocor LS Pre-mixed propylene glycol for this purpose.

This comes in 10 litre containers and provides a better alternative to mixing your own as it is guaranteed to be free from lime and other harmful deposits.

There are three reasons for using this propylene glycol mixture in a solar system:

  1. Propylene glycol has a higher specific heat from water. What this means is that it boils at a higher temperature and can carry more heat to the cylinder from the panels
  2. The glycol mixture provides freeze protection for the panels during cold weather, up to -28°C.
  3. Propylene glycol is non toxic as it is a food grade of antifreeze. This is important in case a coil or pipe should ever leak.

Full information and pricing is available at the following link:

Expansion Vessel

All solar heating systems supplied by RVR are designed to run as a closed / sealed circuit. This means that the solar fluid should never leave the circuit and should not need to be topped up under normal operation.

During periods of hot weather or when the system is in stagnation, the solar fluid vapourises and expands. Using an expansion vessel on the system means it can be accommodated until it cools and contracts again.

It is essential that you do not use a regular expansion vessel on the solar loop. To be used in the solar loop, an expansion vessel must:

Be capable of withstanding the high pressures and temperatures found in such systems, Be designed so that propylene glycol will not corrode the membrane. Be suitably sized so that the safety valve will not release under normal conditions

RVR Supply a range of expansion vessels designed specifically for solar heating. These come in sizes ranging from 19 to 500 litres. If you are unsure which size you need please contact RVR.

For more information please see the following link: