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FS 500 litre combination tank including insulation
This is a simple and efficient multi-fuel system for domestic water and central heating. The outer tank contains heating water while the high surface area stainless steel coil contains the domestic hot water. A solar heating coil is located in the coolest water at the bottom of the tank.

  • Eliminates risk of legionella in domestic hot water.
  • Allows integration of oil, gas, solid fuel, heat pumps with solar for both central heating and hot water heating.
  • Plentiful hot water production.
  • Simple to install and maintain.

  • Features:
  • Insulated Tank 100mm foam.
  • Outer tank made from high quality Steel.
  • 25 m long corrugated coil from 316 Stainless Steel with 6.45m²surface area.
  • DHW coil contains 40 litres.
  • Suitable for up to 4 collectors.
  • The tank has mounting locations for the solar pump station and expansion vessel.
  • A 2"to 1 1/2"extension sleeve is now required for fitting the immersion.

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    Price: € 2,390.00Add to cart
    Product data
    CH ConnectionsDHW Connections ImmersionSolar Connections
    1½" BSP1" BSP2" BSP1" BSP

    DEAP Parameters
    Dedicated Solar VolumeDeclared Loss FactorStorage Volume
    159 l1.595 kWh/day530 l

    Hot Water
    DHW Capacity (once off @ 60/38°C)Flowrate (Tank 60°C - DHW 44°C)Pressure loss @ 50 l/min
    380 l50 l/min0.075 bar

    HeightWeightTilt HeightDia. c/w InsulDia. exc. Insul
    1860 mm200 kg1820 mm850 mm650 mm
    Click here to download the FS installation instructions.pdf 435kb
    Click here to download the FS technical instructions.pdf 2.55MB
    Accessories List
    Price: € 28.00
    Capillary Thermostat with Control Knob 0°C - 90°C
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    Price: € 10.00
    Automatic Air Vent Valve 1/2"
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    Price: € 22.00
    2" to 1 1/2" extension sleeve for Electric element
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    Price: € 371.00
    Combination tank installation kit 80L
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    Price: € 6.00
    80mm Flue bracket
    Add to cart
    Price: € 180.00
    Maxivarem LR 80L expansion vessel for CH
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    Price: € 75.00
    3kW (230V) Immersion 1.5in
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    Price: € 415.00
    6kW Immersion (380V) 1.5in
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    Price: € 220.00
    Inibal plus - 5kg
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    Price: € 128.00
    1 1/2" corrugated connection pipe 1250mm
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    Price: € 85.00
    WT5 circulation lance
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    Price: € 42.00
    Boiler thermostat BT-K with a 1/2" copper dry pocket
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    Price: € 18.00
    Dial thermometer
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    Price: € 83.00
    1 1/4" Priority flap VK 1
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    Price: € 1,160.00
    PS 500 Backup tank with insulation jacket
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