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The RVR Customer Care Team
The RVR Customer Care Team

We have customer care teams throughout Ireland who can ensure that your installation is running smoothly.

Our full time staff of customer care technicians as well as a dedicated customer care manager means that we can respond to any problems you may have in as timely a manner as possible.

The RVR customer care department can be called direct at 0818 300 224, Mon-Fri 09:00-05:30 although our technicians can also arrange to visit outside of office hours if necessary.

Schedule of charges

Option A: Domestic boiler service

  • Domestic boiler service inc call out: €124.00 + VAT @ 13.5% = €140.74

Option B: Other call outs

  • Standard domestic call out inc 1 hour on site: €110.13 + VAT @ 13.5% = €125
  • Additional hour on site: €50.00 + VAT @ 13.5% = €56.75
  • Standard commercial call out including 1 hour on site: €140.00 + VAT @ 13.5%
  • Additional hour on site: €50.00 + VAT @ 13.5%
  • Additional commercial wall mounted boiler service inc time (Per Boiler): €60.00 + VAT @ 13.5%

Part replacement costs not included in the prices above.


Payment is by Credit Card or Laser Card only. Details must be provided at time of booking.

Where a product is under warranty and is faulty, RVR will repair it free of charge. However, if a request is made for us to attend site and it is not possible for us to carry out the required work for reasons beyond our control, a charge will apply. If the problem is not related to the product but is related to external services such as power, gas, fluing or piping etc then a charge will also apply.

A standard service report will be issued by post once the visit has been completed. This will give details of the work done and any measurements or data collected on-site. The invoice will accompany the service report for your records.

Full terms and conditions are available at the following link: Customer Care: Terms and Conditions of Service