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The MCR Steelworks building which was constructed in 2007 provides a modern state-of-the art manufacturing facility for general steel fabrication works. The overhead cranes, which can each lift 5 tons, efficiently service individual workstations without the need to halt production when large and heavy pieces of raw materials and completed products need to be moved from one zone to another. The total floor area measures almost 2,000 m2.

Dermot Fennelly of M &D Fennelly designed the workshop heating system in conjunction with RVR Energy Technology with 6 x RV60 and 17 x RV30 ceramic type infra-red radiant heaters being selected. This heater selection allows for total heating of the workshops or selected heating of specific workstations only which is ideal when extra working hours are required in some areas at busy times. The lighting grid is fitted over the cranes while wall mounted locations were selected for the radiant heaters. Time and temperature control is achieved using 2 x two zone Seitron control panels which were supplied by RVR. These panels can take four temperature sensor inputs and they provide a total of sixteen switched lived outputs which provides great flexibility.

The large showroom, offices and canteen are heated using conventional radiators which are connected to an MHG Procon 45H high efficiency condensing gas boiler which can generate a heat output ranging from 9 kW up to 45 kW depending on demand. The modulation capability of this boiler provides flexibility, efficiency and prevents unnecessary spiking of temperatures in the many areas which are served.