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The Patio Pal outdoor heater is very easy to sell as it has many great benefits and features for the end user.

As an old business saying goes "If you don’t look after your customers, someone else will." The Patio Pal allows businesses to offer their customers comfort and warmth along with reliable, robust heating in the winter months.

Benefits for the End User

Increases Revenue

Restaurants and pubs will benefit from increased revenue as customers extend their stay and enjoy the outdoor experience late into the night.

Extends the outdoor season

Designed with comfort in mind, the Patio Pal radiant heating solution ensures a warm and pleasant environment in which people can relax and enjoy the outdoors. The Patio Pal outdoor heater is perfect for use in outdoor smoking areas, outdoor seated areas and mezzanines.

Improves comfort for customers

End users can make theirs a a premises to remember by improving the comfort of their customers, whether dining or drinking.

Useful features for the End User

No floor space needed

The Patio Pal unit is mounted above head height, on a wall or roof structure. This keeps it out of the way and frees up valuable floor space.

Easy to use

The Patio Pal can be switched on and off remotely . A timeclock can also be fitted to automatically control when the heater is on.

Safe – can’t be knocked over

Floor standing units can be very dangerous if knocked against flammable material . The Patio Pal is mounted safely overhead.

Choice of colours

Available in either Black or Stainless Steel finish, the Patio Pal looks better than traditional outdoor heaters.

Fixed installation

The Patio Pal is installed once and does not need to be brought indoors at night. An optional stainless steel weather shield keeps it safe from the elements where it is installed beneath a retractable canopy.

Suitable for both natural gas and LPG

The Patio Pal can be run using either LPG or Natural Gas where available, in order to minimize heating costs.


Electronic ignition means no troublesome pilot lights and makes the heaters simple to use and run.

Radiant heating works well outdoors

The Patio Pal is a radiant heater, and works on the same principle as the suns rays . This means it is less affected by breeze or wind than warm air heaters.