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Boiler Installer Network

The most essential part of your installation is the installer. You should choose an installer that offers a quality service, is well trained and who offers you a reasonable price.

At RVR we are primarily an equipment supplier. As a result we do not carry out installation work ourselves. However, we have developed an installer network which consists of installers who we have been dealing with on a day to day basis for many years.

These installers are well trained (having undergone RVR product training as well as FETAC accreditation) and can offer you a quality installation.

The easiest way to find an installer close to you is to use our map below. This map has a "House" icon in places that RVR have an installer. Simply click on one of these Houses and you can see more details about the installer. You can then follow a link to a page with more information about them

(How to use the map: You can use the + and - controls on the map to zoom in and out. Clicking the arrow keys on the map will move the map around.)

Please note - if you can’t see anyone in your area on the map yet, please give Nigel a call on 0818 300 229. We are currently running ongoing training courses and are adding new installers to our list as they are trained.