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Solar water heating is a good option for sports facilities such as golf, football, rugby and tennis clubs. It is also very viable for water heating of gyms and similar facilities.

Where team sports are played, the usage is often intermittent but large volumes of water are needed during a short time span. For this reason, there needs to be a large storage capacity backed up by a powerful secondary heating system for periods when there is no solar energy available.

Typical system design

A typical design is shown in the schematic below:

Using a plate heat exchanger on the solar circuit is a good option as it allows the secondary heating system (typically a boiler) to heat the entire storage volume when needed. This means that the entire storage volume is available during periods of high demand.

The storage capacity should be sized to provide enough water for showers when needed.

Football Club Example

Up to 30 showers may be needed after a game or training session. Assuming that each shower will consume 30 litres of water at 60°C ;a total of 900 litres may be required over a short period. For this reason a 1000 litre storage capacity would be a good choice.

It should also be possible for the auxiliary heating to heat this volume of water in one hour. In this example, 58kW of auxiliary boiler output would be required.

Usage patterns may vary somewhat from club to club. RVR Energy Technology has plenty of experience with this type of application. We can use software to model any application. Please contact us for help with a feasibility study.

Solar Collector choice for sports club projects

The collector areas needed for commercial solar water heating applications are usually larger than in domestic projects. While any type of collector may be used, the large scale collectors from TiSun are particularly convenient to install. An aperture area of up to 18m2 may be obtained using a single collector. This reduces the number of collectors needed and simplifies piping, control, bracketing, installation and commissioning.

Large TiSun FA collector being lifted into position
Large TiSun FA collector being lifted into position

[Click here for more information on the large TiSun collectors.]