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About Central Vacuum Systems

The new range of central vacuum systems from Aldes brings modern comfort to any home. It can cut your cleaning time, minimise the amount of dust in your rooms and make it a lot more convenient to tidy!


A central vacuum unit is installed in a hot press or utility room. Inlets are then installed throughout the house and piped back to the central unit. These inlets allow you to simply connect a hose to them and vacuum the surrounding area. The collected dust is then automatically vacuumed up into the central unit.

Handling and comfort

An Aldes central vacuum system removes the disadvantages associated with the weight and bulk of a conventional vacuum cleaner.

A long, lightweight flexible hose makes cleaning simple and offers full freedom of movement in any room.

The absense of any electrical connection while you are cleaning makes this both a very safe unit and removes the need for finding a nearby socket!

An added feature of these systems is a "Dust Pan Inlet" in the kitchen. This small unit flicks open with the tap of a switch and allows you to sweep up your kitchen, bathroom or any room with a tile floor quickly and easily. It removes the need for bending over with a dust pan as any dust, crumbs or debris swept into it is automatically vacuumed up into the central unit.

Similarly, an optional clip-on brush-wipe "Twinett" system allows vacuuming tiles and cleaning to a shine in one go.

All this improved cleaning as well as extra free time!

Hygiene and silence

An Aldes central vacuum system can help Contribute to the air quality of your home. Where a standard vaccum cleaner loses up to 60% of micro-dust and dust mites back to the surrounding air, an Aldes central vacuum unit collects 100% of dust back in the central unit.

The central unit contains a fabric bag with a capacity of 30 liters. This bag contains high quality filters which prevent dust from being released in the vicinity of the central unit.

Its' design allows you to empty the bag cleanly without having to breathe in dust. It only needs to be emptied every few months.

Power and Performance

Aldes central vacuum systems come with a range of motors from 1400W to 2800W and cover all sizes of home. They can run at up to 7400rpm to ensure excellent suction. The duct size chosen has been selected to offer an excellent mix of both good airflow and good pressure, in order to provide the best cleaning possible.