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Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide ( CO ) is a deadly gas which is produced by all combustion appliances such as boilers, heaters, stoves and cookers. It is produced when any fuel, such as oil, natural gas, LPG, coal, peat, wood and wood pellets, is burned. It is odourless and colourless. It gives no indication of it’s presence.

The release of carbon monoxide into a living space is a very rare occurrence. However, if it happens, it can cause serious injury or death very quickly. It is particularly dangerous when released in areas where people sleep.

The best protection against carbon monoxide is the correct installation and regular annual servicing of your appliances by a trained service technician.

However combustion appliances or their flue systems are not required by current standards to be fail-safe. In fact, it is not possible to prevent carbon monoxide being produced when fuels are burned. If there is a leak in the appliance or in it’s flue or chimney then carbon monoxide will be released.

Dangers of Carbon Monoxide (CO)

Every year there are several deaths and serious injuries in Ireland due to carbon monoxide poisoning. These are avoidable if certain preventative measures are taken.

  1. Ensure all boilers, heaters, stoves and hobs which burn oil, natural gas, LPG, coal, peat, wood and wood pellets are serviced regularly. Servicing is needed at least once per year to ensure safety. The service person should be qualified and trained to service the specific type of boiler or heater.
  2. If a boiler or heater is fitted in a home, then a carbon monoxide detector should always be fitted.

Carbon Monoxide detectors

A carbon monoxide detector will give a warning that carbon monoxide is present and some detectors may also be used to shut down the appliance.

The detector will not prevent carbon monoxide being produced by an incorrectly functioning appliance but it will provide a warning that carbon monoxide is present.

RVR Energy Technology Limited recommend that a carbon monoxide detector is installed in all dwellings where any type of boiler, heater or other combustion appliance is installed.

Two types of carbon monoxide detector are recommended by RVR.

Alarm via Audible Warning only

The simplest type is inexpensive. It is battery operated and functions like a smoke alarm. It gives an audible warning when carbon monoxide is detected.

Audible CO Alarm
Audible CO Alarm
Placement of CO detector
Placement of CO detector

For more information or to purchase this type of detector ,please click here.

Alarm with built in appliance cutoff

A second type gives a warning and also can shut down the appliance if it is electrically controlled. This second type of detector gives a high level of protection from CO.

CO Detector with Cut-Out
CO Detector with Cut-Out

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