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Finnstown House was recently taken over by the Mansfield Group and up-grade works commenced immediately to fully restore this historical oasis which stands out as a landmark in the ever growing city of Dublin. Set in xx acres of beautifully preserved woodlands, the original house dates back to xxxx while some of the outshouses are in excess for 200 years old.

The domestic hot water demands of the Main House 28 bedrooms and kitchen are now met by 2 x MHG Procon 45H wall mounted condensing gas boilers which operate in conjunction with 2 x Domusa Sanit V 300 litre stainless steel pressurised cylinders.

The central heating and domestic hot water requirements for the Main House bar, lounge, restaurant and function room kitchen are provided by 2 x MHG Procon 75H wall mounted boilers.

A separate building which contains 24 residential suites is served by 2 x MHG Procon 75H wall mounted condensing gas boilers which provide a total capacity of up to 150 kW.

There are also 8 x Golf Suites and an MHG Procon 45H combined with an existing calorifier caters for both the central heating and hot water requirements of this building.