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It can be hard when renovating to decide on what to do. Should you try and make modest changes? Are there grants available? Would it be better to do a bigger overhaul?

We've summarised all the information we can provide on the renovating your heating or ventilation systems. Once you have a basic idea of what we can do for you, get in touch with us by phone or email and we will provide you with a complete design and quotation and can help you claim any grants which are available.

There are three main groups of options open to someone who is renovating their heating or ventilation system.

Upgrade your heating system

Sometimes a simple upgrade can give the biggest benefits. Upgrading your heating controls or installing a higher efficiency boiler can often save you a lot of money and is easy to do with little disruption.

There are now grants available for doing this under the SEI Home Energy Saving Scheme.

Installing a "Green" system

Another way to renovate your home is to install a renewable heating system. Many homeowners prefer this route as although initial equipment costs are oftern higher, reduced fuel costs can mean a good payback over the life of the system, and these systems are usually kinder to the environment!

The SEI Greener Homes Scheme provides grants for Solar Heating, Wood Pellet Boilers, Wood Gasification Boilers and Heat Pumps.

Add Modern Comforts

There are other options when renovating which can provide improved comfort in the home.

A heat recovery system helps to improve indoor air quality and recover wasted heat from wet rooms.

A central vacuum system gets rid of your hoover! It lets you simply plug in a hose to inlets throughout the house and vacuum to a central location. It also means you don't have to worry about emptying the bag too frequently.

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Nigel Sheehan

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