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The Kingfisher Club is designed to provide a greatly improved quality of life for those who believe in investing in their health and well being. The Kingfisher Club has 7 state-of-the-art facilities around the country and is one of Ireland's largest, most modern Health &Fitness Centres. The locations are Castlebar, Renmore &NUIG in Galway, Ballinasloe, Ennis, Dromoland in County Limerick and Waterford City. With one of the widest varieties of fitness equipment, classes and programmes, The Kingfisher Club offers the best fitness value around.

Pat Cadogan from Martin Buckley Consulting Engineers in Cork has most recently been involved in the up-grade of the boiler plant in the existing Kingfisher Club in Renmore and the design of the entire services at the brand new facility on the Tramore Road in Waterford. The Galway project involved the replacement of 5 x 60 kW old wall mounted boilers with 2 x MHG Procon HT225 high efficiency condensing gas boilers which were purposely selected with additional capacity for possible future expansion. The work was carried out by Owen Kilcoyne's team at OK Heating &Plumbing in a matter of hours as only a very limited shut-down period was on offer to ensure that the clubs customers were not unnecessarily inconvenienced.

The new Kingfisher Club in Waterford was fitted out with 12 x Calpak VTN12 evacuated tube collectors which are piped to 2 x TML1000 (1,000 litre) single coil stainless steel calorifiers. There thermal stores are used to pre-heat the incoming domestic water supply before it enters the main calorifiers. This truly renewable solar energy source will save money with reduced consumption of expensive and carbon generating fossil fuels.

The club also enjoys the benefits of gas infra-red heating in the extremely large indoor sports hall with 6 x Re-Verber-Ray EDX50 125 U-type tube heaters mounted at over 9 metres above the sports hall floor. Time and temperature control is achieved via the RVR supplied Seitron controller which is connected to two radiant sensitive blackbulb thermisters each located at 1.8 metres above floor level. These heaters are also individually wired so that any one of six zones can be independently heated, if required.

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