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Joann Murphy installed a solar water heating system in her home in Co. Kerry in 2006. She chose three Calpak panels and a 300 litre twin coil tank from RVR. As her house does not have a south facing roof, the decision was made to install three panels instead of two.

"RVR provided me with great advice and while other suppliers were advising me that two panels would be enough, RVR ran a simulation and showed me that this would not work."

Joann continued: "I'm glad now we did choose the panels from RVR as the system has been working very well.

We have three boys in primary school and even though it might be hard to get them into the bath, at least there's plenty of hot water there now!"

Mrs Murphy's installation has helped cut her heating bills significantly as there are 5 people in the household. The installation was part funded by the SEI greener homes grant scheme.