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The time honoured tradition of cider making, which has been mastered over the last seven decades with huge commercial success of the flagship brand, Bulmers Original Cider, and the export brand, Magners Irish Cider is truly an Irish success story. These products have grown their share of the beer market from 2.8% to over 10% in less than 10 years and the brands continues to grow. Bulmers Ltd. is the only Irish cider producer in Ireland and can boast being the fastest growing drinks brand in Ireland since the mid-90s.

The massive capital investment which has been carried out at the Clonmel plant over the past number of years has provided a second-to-none complex with cider production, product aging in huge vats and fully automated bottling. RVR's involvement came via local M&E Contractor Kamec Engineering, while Arup Consulting Engineers in Cork and JRE Group were also later involved in creating this modern facility.

The bottling halls are vast covered expanses the sizes of football fields with automated production machines operating at high speed with incredible precision. Re-Verber-Ray radiant tube heaters were selected to provide heating for the building occupants. The burner sizes chosen was the 37 kW and 44 kW models;each of which are fitted to either a 12 metre, 15 metre or 18 linear metre long tube spanning the large floor area with common exhaust flues being used to minimise roof penetrations. Seitron digital control panels which feature daytime set points, night time set back temperatures and frost protection were installed throughout the plant to optomise comfort conditions while retaining tight control on operating costs.