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Wireless Central Heating Controls

RVR Supply the Krugmann KC7 range of wireless central heating controls.

These innovative wireless controls have been designed to provide full time and temperature control of multiple heating zones as well as the water heating tank and to provide full interlock with the boiler. This ensures that the boiler fires only when there is demand, saving energy and money.

These controls offer major advantages for retro-fit applications. No wires need to be run from the controller to the zone valves or from the zone valves back to the boiler. This makes installation very quick and easy.

How it works

The Krugmann wireless system typically consists of a controller and two receivers. The controller "talks" to the receivers via Radio Frequency.

There are two types of controller available. Both controllers feature a 7 day programmer with time and temperature control. This allows the user to set when the zone should be on or off and what temperature it should be.

Central Heating Controller

The first type of controller is a Central Heating Controller. It has a built in thermostat which measures the air temperature surrounding the controller. It is used to control the air temperature of a section of the building (a zone), allowing temperatures up to a maximum of 30°C.

A central heating zone will consist of a Central Heating Controller and two receivers.

The first receiver is wired to the zone valve and is mounted next to it. This receiver opens and closes the valve as directed by the controller.

The second reciever is mounted next to the boiler. A relay switch is wired between this receiver and the boiler. The reciever then turns on and off the boiler as directed by the controller.

Water Heating Zone

The second type of controller is a Water Heating Controller. It has an external temperature sensor which must be mounted to the water heating tank. This then controls the temperature of the domestic hot water stored in the tank, allowing temperatures up to a maximum of 70°C.

The water heating tank is treated as seperate heating zone. This zone consists of a Water Heating Controller amd two receivers.

The sensor that comes with the water heating controller is wired directly to the water heating tank.

This controller then works the same way as the other controllers. It has two receivers - one at the zone valve and one at the boiler. It controls these wirelessly as necessary.

Multiple zones

As many "Zones" as are required may be installed in the house. Each additional zone may be added by using another controller and two receivers. Where multiple zones are used the receivers mounted next to the boiler are wired together so that any single zone turning on a reciever will call the boiler to fire.

Image:Boiler Interlock - Multiple Receivers.jpg

Home energy saving grants

This control system is fully approved for use under the SEI Home Energy Saving Scheme. This scheme offers grants for upgrading heating controls and /or your boiler in an existing home.

There are some minimum requirements that must be met in order to avail of the grant scheme.

  1. Minimum of 2 heating zones (central heating and water)
  2. 7 day programmer with time and temperature control
  3. Boiler Interlock
  4. Either 1 additional zone OR 3 Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs).

The Krugmann range of wireless controls are uniques on the Irish market as they can offer a complete, low cost wireless solution that meets all these requirements.

HES Compliance Option A: 2 Zones with 3 or more TRVs

Image:2 Zone with TRVs.jpg

The option above has TRVs on each radiator in the Central Heating Zone. A minimum of 3 TRVs are required however it would be advisable to install TRVs on each radiator if only one zone is used.

HES Compliance Option B: 3 or more Zones

Image:3 Zone.jpg

In this situation individual TRVs are not required however they may also be fitted if the user wishes.

Further Information

For your convenience whe have put together some packages which are suitable for retro-fitting into older homes.

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Alternatively, if you already have a new boiler and would like to upgrade your controls only please follow one of the links below.

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Of course you can always speak with us if you want even more information or to discuss you own project. If you wish to do this, please call Nigel Sheehan on 0818 300 229.