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Commercial applications

Commercial Water Heating

Commercial panel on a GAA club
Commercial panel on a GAA club

Solar water heating is an ideal solution for any business with a high level of DHW usage. As solar provides most gain during the summer months, any business with high DHW usage in summer months can get very high levels of return.

Hotels, guest houses, bed and breakfasts, gymnasiums, sports clubs and nursing homes are among some of the businesses that can benefit from solar DHW.

Typical systems include twin coil systems, pre-heat/buffer systems and systems using a plate heat exchanger with a pre-existing cylinder. Large flat panel collectors are also available which reduces system complexity.

Grant aid is available through the Reheat grant program from the SEI. This can provide up to 30% of project cost as well as an extra grant for a pre-installation feasibility study.

Swimming Pools

Solar Panels heating a swimming pool
Solar Panels heating a swimming pool

Swimming pools are an ideal target for solar thermal. As pools requires energy at low temperatures, the collectors run very efficiently which results in a very good return on investment.

Flat panels are usually used in these applications as they are typically more efficient at collecting energy than evacuated tube collectors. Since the pool acts like a very large thermal store, the collectors also run cooler than in other applications. As a result, the heat loss that is inherent in flat panels is reduced and the system efficiency is usually very good.