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About The RVR Service and Maintenance Dept.

Why Choose RVR For Maintenance of your Immergas / MHG or Domusa Boiler?

  • Expertly and Exclusively Trained Knowledgeable Technicians
  • Main Dealers in Ireland of these products
  • Dedicated Call Centre offering professional booking service &assistance
  • RGI Registered
  • Fast &Efficient Service
  • The most comprehensive and thorough service procedure for our products
  • Comprehensive service report outlining any concerns etc.
  • Honest advice
  • Professional service
  • Quality Work
  • Parts available off shelf so fast response
  • A Range of Maintenance contracts which cover your parts and servicing for 12 months
  • Support and Advice following your service
  • Online Booking / Email Booking / Telephone Booking

Our expert technicians are fully trained in Immergas and MHG (MAN) boilers and work exclusively on these boilers. As a result they can quickly and expertly diagnose problems which other RGI's may struggle with.

We receive reports daily of boilers breaking down following improper servicing by third parties who have not been trained in these products. A low up-front call out charge by a less knowledgeable plumber can often lead to them spending hours or tens of hours of fault finding at your cost!

Call outs by an RVR technician are generally resolved within the first hour and in this case there are no additional hidden charges.

What does our thorough service procedure involve?

As our technicians are equipped with the required competency and experienced to deal with the servicing, repair and setup of your Immerges / MHG &Domusa Boiler;we do allot more than just the simple safety check offered at discounted rates you may see widely advertised

Our technicians follow a comprehensive checklist (minimum of 35 check points) to ensure the safe and efficient operation of your gas boiler.

More About RVR’s Maintenance Team

Our Service and Maintenance Dept. is the best point of contact for expert, reliable and efficient service. Our Engineers are expertly trained to maintain our products and are committed to doing their very best for our customers.

Call Centre

Our call centre in Kenmare, Co. Kerry is attended Monday to Friday from 9am to 5.30pm. Our Service and Maintenance Dept. Administrators will facilitate your telephone and email enquiries. They will also arrange maintenance visits for you and coordinate communications between you and the engineers.

Contact Details for Service and Maintenance Dept.

  • Phone:
Service Dept. Direct Line - 0818 300 224
  • Email:

Service Technicians

We currently have 4 (RGII) Technicians on the road Monday – Friday.

  • Niall O Shea
  • Kieran O Shea
  • Kenneth O Brien
  • David Clinton

What Do We Offer?

RVR’s Maintenance Team offer Maintenance Contracts to all our customers, which offer priority scheduling, protection from unexpected repair costs, and a range of other benefits. Find out more below:

Of course we also offer general repair and routine maintenance to all our customers.

Please click here to find out how to “Book A Visit” and for More Information.