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A positive spin-off of the good economic times was the re-development of many local authority swimming pools and today Portarlington can proudly boast as to having one of the finest regional facilities in the country. A 25 metre pool, a kids pool, a sauna, a steam room and excellent gym equipment is available to members at a competitive annual rate and on demand for the less frequent visitor.

Jerry Geaney Consulting Engineers in Waterford were the design consultants for this prestigeous project and three separate plant areas were constructed for the air handling units, the pool filtration systems and central heating boiler, calorifiers etc. The popular MHG HT series was specified with the three floor standing models capable of generating up to 600 kW of energy being installed to serve the swimming pool plate heat exchanger, the jacuzzi plate heat exchanger, the low pressure hot water coils in the changing room air handling units and the coil type heat exchangers which are fitted within 2 x TML1000 (1,000 litre) calorifiers.

Plum-Heat, who are also located in Portarlington, are one of the Midlands best known plumbers merchants and they also have a mechanical services contracting division which comes under the watchful and experienced eyes of Wesley Dempsey. They have completed many major contracts over the years with the Portarlington Leisure Centre proudly on their list of satisfactorily project.

Sean Quirke who is the general manager of the leisure centre says that the new facility has been warmly received by the local community and with many visitors who travel from much further afield. The equipment supplied works well and we are confident that the right choices were made at the construction stage which gives us value for money both in terms of day-to-day running costs and minimal maintenance costs.