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Self Build Options

It can be hard when building a house to decide on heating and ventilation systems. The 2008 Building regulations changes coupled with a wide array of technologies on the market today make it especially difficult.

We've summarised all the information we can provide on the heating systems we can provide.

Once you have a basic idea of what we can do for you, get in touch with us by phone or email and we will provide you with a complete design and quotation which complies with the current building regulations.

We supply many types of heating and ventilation system. Here are the main options:

Solar Heating along with a condensing gas or oil boiler

This option satisfies building regulations in most cases, as well as providing a good balance of modern, renewable technology, and the comfort and reliability of proven gas heating. You can find out more information about these at the following pages:

Wood Pellet or Wood Gasification Boilers

A wood pellet boiler provides low running costs but takes up a large amount of space. Pellets must be bought in bulk to get a good price, so a large 3 tonne (or more) pellet store is usually needed.

A wood gasification boiler works by burning firewood (split logs). If you don't mind a little work loading it each day, it offers the absolute ultimate in low running costs. This type of boiler needs a large buffer tank of up to 2000 litres to contain the energy it products.

If you have a garage or boiler room space, then these are an excellent heating option and provide full building regulations compliance. You can find out more about these at the links below.

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery

Heat Recovery Systems (sometimes called HRV or MVHR) work by extracting stale warm air from wet rooms such as your kitchen or utility room, and using the warmth to pre-heat the incoming cold air.

Part F of the building regulations stipulates that only two types of ventilation systems are permissable in Irish homes. Natural ventilation is one option, which involves putting vents and fans to ventilatie a house. An MVHR unit providesa second option and these offer more controlled ventilation, better comfort and often improve the energy rating of a house.

You can read more about our MVHR units at the following link:

Central Vacuum Systems

Central Vacuum systems remove the need for dragging a vacuum cleaner or hoover around the house!

These systems consist of a central unit connected to inlets in each section of the house. When you wish to vacuum an area you simply connect a lightweight hose to a nearby inlet and the system automatically vacuums up any collected dirt into the central unit. The central unit does not have to be emptids for several months at a time. You can read more about our Central Vacuum units at the following link:

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Nigel Sheehan
Nigel Sheehan

We would be delighted to hear from you and would love to work closely with you on your new project. Once you've read up on the technologies we offer, why not give Nigel a call on 0818 300 229 or email for more information.