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Solar Water Heating Products

A member of the RVR Installer Network
A member of the RVR Installer Network

RVR supply solar water heating products from Calpak, Tisun and under our own RVR Solar brand. We are primarily an equipment supplier, but we can supply our products either to plumbers or to homeowners.

If you already have a plumber then we can supply you with all the equipment required for your new solar installation. If you do not, we have a network of trained installers nationwide and can recommend one in your area.

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About our solar water heating suppliers

RVR Solar

The RVR Solar range of products are our own brand products. Designed and manufactured specifically for RVR, the HP range of collectors offer excellent value as they have a very low cost per kWh of output. The collectors are also very easy to transport and handle as they are Heat Pipe type and the tubes can be disconnected from the manifold of the collector.

The RVR Solar range also feature very low cost 316 grade stainless steel cylinders.


Our Greek Solar Partner CALPAK was founded in 1976 as a member of British Petroleum (BP) group and with its well-trained engineers and technicians, became a pioneer in research, production and development of solar energy applications.

The 12VTN vacuum panel from Calpak has one of the highest gross efficiencies on the market in Ireland. They are designed to make the most of the roof space available and as they have a CPC Parabolic reflector, they have a very high aperture area relative to their overall dimensions. This means that a more compact installation is possible.


Located in Tyrol, Austria, TiSUN develops, produces and distributes high-grade solar systems that are able to resist the rough climate of the alpine mountains.

The FM-S flat panel from TiSun Is a modern, high efficiency flat panel collector. It is ideal for new build homes as it can be flashed in to the roof during building and offers a very attractive finish.


Individual solar water heating products

We sell all our solar water heating systems as individual products which either you or your plumber can buy. Please see the "Solar" section and "Water Heating Tanks" section of our product catalogue on the left hand menu of the site.

A better solution for most people is a pre-assembled solar kit. You can read more about these products below.

Preassembled solar water heating Kits

Preassembled kits are designed to reduce the complexity when choosing and purchasing solar heating equipment. These kits contain either the essential parts or all of the equipment required for a solar heating system. By pre-assembling the kits we can ensure quality and better value than when purchasing individual items.

Basic Kits Without Water Heater:

Basic kit without tank
Basic kit without tank

These high efficiency vacuum collector kits are designed for use with an existing cylinder where a spare coil is available. They may also be used with a cylinder where no spare coil is available, via a bolt on heat exchanger package which is available as an accessory.

They Include the collector(s), solar station, expansion vessel, solar fluid and blending valve. Other components must be purchased separately.

Basic Kits Including Water Heater:

Basic kit inc. Tank
Basic kit inc. Tank

These high efficiency vacuum collector kits contain almost everything needed for a solar hot water heating system. They can be easily integrated with conventional central heating systems as they use a twin coil 316 stainless steel water heating tank.

They Include the collector(s), water heating tank, solar station, expansion vessel, solar fluid and blending valve. Other components must be purchased separately.

Total Kits including everything

Total kit inc. Everything
Total kit inc. Everything

These high efficiency vacuum collector kits contain 'everything' needed for a solar hot water heating system.

They include everything that is in our basic kits but also come with roof brackets, roof flashings, tails, preinsulated flexible piping, fittings packs etc. You should need nothing else for a DHW solar heating system.