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If you are a plumber, installer or contractor and are interested in learning more about a particular technology, then we would be delighted if you would come and meet us during one of our training breakfast sessions!

These sessions are meant to be short and quick, give a grounding in a technology and how to install it, and give all the necessary tips and tricks for a safe and easy installation. They are not meant to be sales lectures!!!

We run these breakfast sessions throughout the country on an ongoing basis, so give us a call today if you would like to meet us.

  • Currently Running: Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery, HES wireless controls

Here is a sample agenda for our MVHR and HES wireless controls breakfast training session:

1. Welcome

  • Complimentary Breakfast

2. MVHR (Aldes Microwatt 90)

  • MVHR - Why use &Building regulations considerations
  • Selection and sizing
  • Installation, other considerations and tips
  • Hands On
  • Other "indoor air quality" products from Aldes - Central Vacuum

3. HES Wireless (RF) controls - Krugmann KC7 Range

  • Theory and practical usage
  • HES Compliance
  • Hands On