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The first and often most cost-effective option when renovating your home is to avail of grants under the SEI's Home Energy Saving Scheme.

This provides grants for homeowners who wish to save energy in their home without the expense of installing costlier renewable heating systems.

A modern boiler uses much less fuel than an older model. New central heating controls can also ensure you are not using more fuel than you need. One or both of these measures can help save money in both the short and longer term.

Our products are grant eligible and you could avail of a grant of up to €700 for upgrading your boiler and central heating controls.

Additional grants are also available for those who wish to upgrade the insulation levels of their home.

Funding available

The HES scheme provides a flat rate funding for each type of technology upgraded. Most members of the RVR Installer Network can upgrade your boiler and controls under this scheme, however some will be able to help you with insulation upgrades and a BER assessment also.

  • Gas or Oil Boiler with Heating Controls Upgrade: €700
  • Heating Controls Upgrade Only: €500
  • Roof Insulation: €250
  • Cavity wall insulation: €400
  • Internal Wall Dry-Lining: €2,500
  • External wall insulation: €4,000
  • A Before works and an After works BER assessment: €200


  • The house for which you are applying must have been constructed before 2006.
  • You must own the house where the system is to be installed. Landlords and owners of multiple houses may also apply, with a seperate application for each property.
  • If you are upgrading your boiler, the new model must have an efficiency >90%.
  • When upgrading your boiler or controls you must reach the following minimum standards: 2 heating zones (space and water) with a 7 day programmer (time and temperature) control and boiler interlock, time and temperature control of any electric immersion heaters and either 1 more zone control or 3 TRV's.

Steps to take

  1. Read the Home Energy Saving Scheme Application Guide: Application Guide (pdf)
  2. Fill up the online application form at
  3. As an alternative to #2, You can print a hard copy of the application form available here, and return it to Home Energy Saving scheme, Sustainable Energy Ireland, Glasnevin, Dublin 9
  4. Wait for the confirmation of a grant by post (typically 3-4 weeks)
  5. Respond accepting the offer
  6. Have your installer complete the upgrade works
  7. Send the Request for payment form to the SEI, including a copy of the installer's report and invoices for work carried out.

Please Note: Is is very important that you have the offer of a grant before having any work carried out. The SEI WILL NOT retroactively provide grant funding after you have purchased equipment or services.

Further information

For further information you can:


  • Call us from 9:00-5:30 Mon to Fri on 0818 313 003
  • Visit the Home Energy Saving Scheme website at