Case study - Hospital water heating using Enerblue 124kW CO2 heat pump

RVR Energy Technology recently commissioned a 124kW Enerblue CO2 heat pump for domestic water heating at Sacred Heart hospital in Carlow.   

The objective was to separate high-temperature demands (>60°) from the campus district heating system in order to reduce flow temperature and improve gas boiler efficiency significantly. The substantial hot water demand in the hospital represented a significant proportion of these high-temperature demands. 

The Enerblue HP90 - which produces high-temperature water at up to 90°C year-round - satisfies the domestic hot water requirement of Sacred Heart hospital without the need for any supplementary immersion or boiler capacity.  The heat pump feeds hot water to three no. 1000 litre stainless-steel calorifiers and ensures an ample supply of hot water is available when required.  

 Specification of this project was by Ronan Meally Consulting Engineers and installation was carried out by Blanchfield Heating.

 This type of solution is an excellent option for any building with a high level of domestic hot water usage, especially if the demand is periodic with high morning and evening loads.  It is ideal for Hotels, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Gyms/sports centres, and many other applications.

Further information is in the case study below.

Download case study - Sacred Heart hospital

More information

Enerblue HP90  Enerblue HP90 (W/W)


Enerblue specialise in high temperature heat pumps and in products using natural refrigerants.  Follow the link below to learn more.

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Photograph of St. Dympna's campus by Humphrey Bolton, CC BY-SA-2.0