Heat Pumps are an economical way to heat your home, with low carbon emissions. They can offer easy Part L compliance and are viewed favourably in the latest NZEB regulations.

  • Lower running costs than a gas or oil boiler
  • Lower carbon emissions
  • Good solution for Part L Compliance in new buildings
  • More expensive to install than a gas or oil boiler
  • May not be suitable for use in some older homes

RVR Energy Technology supply both monobloc and split heat pumps from Immergas and Mitsubishi.

Is a heat pump suited to my house?

In a new build, Heat Pumps are viewed very favourably during a BER assessment. The methodology for the new “NZEB” (Near Zero Energy Buildings) building regulations has seen their positive contribution to a building’s rating increase. As a result, they are a good choice for meeting Part L requirements during the construction of self-build and multi-unit houses.

Heat pumps can work well in older houses providing the insulation levels of the building have already been improved. In some cases, the size of the radiators may need to be increased. Read more ...