EasyStove Kit
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The Easystove Kit solves the problem of connecting solid fuel stoves to modern central heating systems. The stove circuit is normally an open system while a modern central heating system is usually a pressurised unvented system. The kit consists of the Easystove unit and a flue thermostat.

The bulb sensor of the flue thermostat is mounted on the flue of the stove. It detects when the stove is hot and operates the EasyStove automatically. The Easystove contains a heat exchanger, pumps for the stove circuit and CH circuit and a controller. It also contains a non-return valve on the CH circuit.

The heating system designer has the freedom to design the system as they wish provided provision is made to dissipate heat generated in the stove circuit.

The schematic below shows a typical installation layout.

Where alternative arrangements are not made to dissipate or dump heat, the Easystove Heat Dissipation kit may be fitted.

A compatible low-velocity header is also available to simplify piping of systems.

Warning: Heating systems should only be designed and installed by qualified personnel.

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Manufacturer: RVR Energy Technology Ltd