Large Scale Collectors (Horizontal)
Large Scale Collectors (Horizontal) Large Scale Collectors (Horizontal) Large Scale Collectors (Horizontal)
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These large collectors for intended for in-roof, on-roof and freestanding installation.  The horizontal models are modular units built using the unique Tisun PFM (Plug & Flow) module collectors.   Collectors are available as single piece units in sizes ranging from 4.04 to 7.71 m².

The PFM-G large collector is an ideal solution for large-scale collector systems and makes it possible to reduce on-site installation times. Assembled ready-to-connect from the respective PFM format, the PFM-G can be quickly mounted using a mobile crane – regardless of the weather. The individual modules are connected by means of the new TiSUN frame system, with dimensionally stable profiles. The PFM-G is available in 17 different sizes and suitable for any type of roofing. The PFM-G is suitable on roof, in roof and free standing.

Versions available for:
  • In-roof mounting
  • On-roof mounting
  • Freestanding
  • Façade installation on request
  • Keymark tested collector
  • High-performance absorber – complete pipe is welded to the absorber metal
  • High efficiency due to PVD coating
  • CMT welded collector pan
  • Long service life, robust, temperature- and weather-resistant design
  • Fast and easy installation using hydraulic connections
  • Low profile construction (62mm)
  • Silicone-sealed glass pane with cover strip
  • Enlarged aperture area with the same gross area


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Manufacturer: TiSUN®