Bag Filter, F7, 287 x 592 (pack of 4)
Bag Filter, F7, 287 x 592 (pack of 4) Bag Filter, F7, 287 x 592 (pack of 4)
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These sturdy metal frame bag filters have a 25mm frame and a nominal face dimension of 287mm wide x 592mm high. They are available in depths of 650mm, 550mm, and 360mm. The number of pockets can vary between 3, 4  and 5 depending on the performance required.

The filters contain an exclusive blend of coarse denier synthetic fibres designed to arrest large particles in the air stream and enhance dirt-loading abilities. A second layer contains micro-fine polypropylene fibres fastened to a polypropylene backing which captures all remaining smaller particles.

Custom sizes are available - please contact us at

Bulk Discounts:
The minimum purchase quantity for this filter size is a pack of four filters. We offer the following discounts for bulk purchases:
2 Packs   -     8 Filters -   5%
5 Packs   -   20 Filters - 10%
10 Packs -   40 Filters - 15%
25 Packs - 100 Filters - 20%

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Manufacturer: RVR Energy Technology Ltd