TiSUN® FS Twin Coil
TiSUN® FS Twin Coil TiSUN® FS Twin Coil TiSUN® FS Twin Coil
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This is a simple and efficient multi-fuel system for domestic water and central heating. The outer tank contains heating water while the high surface area stainless steel coil contains the domestic hot water. A solar heating coil is located in the coolest water at the bottom of the tank.

•Eliminates risk of legionella in domestic hot water.
•Allows integration of oil, gas, solid fuel, heat pumps with solar for both central heating and hot water heating.
•Plentiful hot water production.
•Simple to install and maintain.

•Foam Insulated Tank.
•Outer tank made from high quality Steel.
•High surface corrugated coil from 316 Stainless Steel.
•The tank has mounting locations for the solar pump station and expansion vessel.
•An extension sleeve is required for fitting an immersion heater.

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Manufacturer: TiSUN®