Victrix Tera 28 1
Victrix Tera 28 1 Victrix Tera 28 1 Victrix Tera 28 1 Victrix Tera 28 1
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The new Victrix Tera is a 28kW combi boiler equipped with a stainless steel heat exchanger.  It can produce 13.5 L/min of hot water. 

The compact size and advanced design makes this boiler highly reliable and easily serviced.  New electronic controls reduce running costs by improving the boilers part-load performance, enabling high seasonal efficiency. 

It is approved for outdoor installation provided it is partially protected from the weather (rain and snow), for example by installing it under a balcony.The boiler is available for use with Natural Gas or LPG.       

  •         Eco friendly - low NOx emissions (class 6)
  •         New low pressure drop condensing heat exchanger module
  •         Modulating heat output from 18% to 100%
  •         Adjustable system by-pass
  •         Standard frost protection to -5 °C.
  •         Stand-by electrical consumption < 6 W
  •         Range of optional kits for connection to system.

The boiler is eligible for an extended (6 year) warranty if it is installed along with an extended warranty kit (see accessories) by an RVR Approved Installer.

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Manufacturer: RVR Energy Technology Ltd