GTS Single Stage U Heaters
GTS Single Stage U Heaters GTS Single Stage U Heaters
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A gas fired radiant heater which emulates the efficiency of the sun by generating radiant energy that is converted into heat when absorbed by objects in its path. It heats surfaces, producing comfort even in draughty hard to heat locations. Once the infra-red energy is absorbed by the floors, machinery, stock and people, it is then re-radiated to warm the surrounding air. Performance is enhanced through the use of a specially designed stainless steel burner and coated titanium and/or aluminized steel combustion and radiant emitter tubes. The GTS series offers superior low intensity heat, performance and longevity.

Ideal for heating factories, warehouses, workshops and sports halls, the heaters may be installed singly or as part of a system.

U heater models provide more intense heating patterns and are ideal in applications where a higher radiant intensity is required.

  • Inputs of 15.0 to 60.0 kw
  • Available in Tube Lengths of 6710 mm to 21335 mm
  • Coated Titanium or Aluminized Combustion Chamber
  • Highly Polished Aluminum Reflectors
  • Stainless Steel Burner
  • Direct Spark Ignition System
  • Enameled Control Box with Plastic Cover
Please download and carefully read the installation instructions before planning your installation.

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Manufacturer: Detroit Radiant