RVRPAK Boiler Systems

This product can be customised to suit your specification.

The RVR-PAK modular boiler system is designed for commercial and industrial applications where a factory pre-assembled solution is needed. Outputs of up to 1200 kW are available in Nat. Gas or LPG.
Options are available for internal and external installations. Boilers, headers, heat exchangers, heat meters, gas meters and controls may be included.

The unique RVR-PAK control system provides capacity management and sequencing of the boiler system. It also provides a web interface for the boiler system which may be monitored via PC, tablet or smart phone.

Our sales department will design and quote a system to meet your needs. To start, select the capacity required and then and then match with boilers, headers, heat exchangers and other components.
Review the PDF document links below to get more information on selecting your RVR-PAK system.

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Manufacturer: RVR Energy Technology Ltd