RVRPAK Pre-packaged boiler systems
RVRPAK Pre-packaged boiler systems RVRPAK Pre-packaged boiler systems RVRPAK Pre-packaged boiler systems RVRPAK Pre-packaged boiler systems

RVRPAK is a modular solution which can accommodate up to 5 no Immergas Victrix PRO 120kW boilers in a weatherproof galvanised steel enclosure.

All piping and wiring is done in the factory, and pre-tested before delivery to site. Simply connect gas, water and condensate pipes. Make the electrical connections, and it is ready to use.

It offers a compact, high quality solution ideal for use in narrow spaces. Suitable for outdoor or indoor use, it can eliminate the need for a dedicated plant room or boiler house. It greatly simplifies piping, flueing and electrical services on-site.

Delivered factory pre-assembled, it reduces costs and increases speed of installation. Quality is improved by ensuring correct design and installation. Welding is eliminated and there are no troublesome internal flue systems.

The modular nature allows the creation of packaged boiler systems of any desired capacity up to 600kW. The assembled modules may be handled by crane or forklift.

Easy to deploy

  • Fits through a standard doorway
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Offers great flexibility of location
  • Suitable for use in narrow outdoor spaces

Ready to go

  • Designed for ease of installation, operation, and service
  • Delivered to site ready to go
  • Just connect water, gas, drain and power
  • Factory pre-assembled, pre-piped and pre-wired
  • Pre-tested 

The RVRPAK can be customised to suit your specification. Please contact us for more information at info@rvr.ie or by phone at 064 6689522.

In need of a greater capacity? We also offer a larger packaged plant room - the RVR Boiler House - a packaged boiler room which provides capacities up to 1.8MW.  Contact us for details.

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