Powercorn 50
Powercorn 50 Powercorn 50
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The Guntamatic Powercorn is biomass boiler that can burn grain (barley and triticale) or 6mm pellets. The formation of acids and slag are prevented through perfect combustion chamber temperatures of around 650 °C. It includes a vacuum pellet feeding system and discharge screw conveyor for the fuel store.

The boiler features a self-cleaning moving step grate which ensures excellent efficiency and minimizes ash buildup. It also ensures excellent load matching of the boiler heat output as the speed control of the grate provides a wide modulation range.
The tubular heat exchanger is permanently cleaned by moving turbulators, enabling it to utilise the entire heating energy of the fuel.

The Powercorn offers excellent quality and reliability - it contains extremely robust agitator and screw conveyor design, gearboxes and motors of the highest quality along with a silicon-carbide cyclonic combustion chamber.

Key features:

  • Upward firing burner with dust removal system
  • Fully electronic control with built in weather compensation and touch screen control panel
  • Lambda Probe for perfect combustion
  • Moving turbulators minimize cleaning requirements (2-3 month cleaning cycles)

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    Manufacturer: Guntamatic