DR Series Radiant Plaque Heater
DR Series Radiant Plaque Heater DR Series Radiant Plaque Heater
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The DR Series of unvented radiant gas heaters are ideal for heating factories, warehouses, workshops, churches and sports halls. They produce radiant heat which emulates sunshine passing un-impeded through the air to heat surfaces in it's path, producing comfort even in draughty hard to heat locations.
There are 10 models with outputs ranging from 8.8 kW to 47 kW. Mounting heights vary from 4m to 15m above floor level.
  • Exclusive RE-VERBER-RAY ceramic burner provides maximum conversion to infra-red heat.
  • CE marked, U.L. Listed, Accepted by F.I.A. and F.M.
  • 220V electronic ignition and flame safety system
  • Lower installation cost through compact modular heater design.
  • Rugged non-corrosive materials in heater construction.
  • Proven design, over 2,000,000 burners in use.
  • Select high temperature, Re-Verber-Ray-tor rods increase heater temperature and efficiency.

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Manufacturer: Detroit Radiant