RVR Energy Technology Ltd is a leading producer and distributor of heating equipment for commercial, residential and residential buildings. The business was founded in 1994 and is based in Kenmare, Co Kerry, Ireland.  The company is a 100% owned subsidiary of RVR Ltd which is in turn owned by Michael Hayes and Brendan 'O Shea.

A little history . . .

Above: Gas fired radiant heater production department, the 1980s
The 1970s
In 1976, three emigrants, John Sullivan, Brendan O Shea and Jimmy Connolly, returned to Ireland from New York and established Pioneer Radiant Products Limited.  They began to manufacture gas-fired overhead radiant heaters. In those days, before natural gas, the market was based on LPG and typical customers were Churches, Halls, and Factories. Hundreds of these buildings were heated with these ‘Pioneer’ heaters.
The 1980s
Natural gas arrived in the 1980s and sales grew.  Detroit Radiant Products Company acquired the business. Exports to the UK and Europe started. 

Above: 1980s model direct gas-fired air heater

The 1990s
A range of direct gas-fired air heaters was developed and these products found a ready market in the hotels, halls, and nightclubs which were being built around Ireland in the 1980s and 1990s.

There was a management buyout in 1994 which led to the purchase of the business by Michael Hayes and Brendan O Shea. Production of gas fired heating equipment continued.

Above: Giant AHU at Shannon Aerospace Hangar, the 1990s

The company also became one of Irelands foremost producers of Air Handling Units and large ventilating equipment.  A new factory was established in 1999 for the manufacture of AHUs. Many large projects were completed in the hotel, healthcare, educational, manufacturing and aerospace sectors.

Sales of commercial condensing boilers started at this time also when RVR became the Irish distributor for MAN Heiztechnik, the German manufacturer of high-efficiency boiler equipment.

21st Century
In the 2000’s, the air handling business was sold, and the company expanded into the domestic heating market, becoming the Irish distributor for Immergas, one of Europe’s largest gas boiler manufacturers. RVR became a major supplier of domestic gas boilers during the building boom of the 2000s. Innovations included the introduction of ‘storage combi’ type boilers to the Irish market.

RVR was an early innovator in the solar heating market establishing the Calpak, TISUN and RVR Solar brands in Ireland.  Today, we have approximately 30,000 m2 of solar thermal collector in service in homes and businesses throughout Ireland.

Further expansion of the product range to include more sustainable heating solutions followed. This included the introduction of heat pumps, biomass boilers and gas-fired Micro-CHP.

Above: Modern, web-enabled hybrid systems, 2011

In recent years the company has invested heavily in R&D, developing hybrid heating solutions based on a mix of boiler, heat pump and solar technology. These solutions incorporate the best available control technology with advanced web interfaces, energy metering, and data logging.

Today, we can provide modern integrated and sustainable solutions for almost any residential, industrial or commercial heating application based on Gas, Heat Pumps, Solar, Wood Pellet, Wood Chip, Wood log or Micro CHP. We can provide comprehensive technical assistance at the design stage.

Above: Extensive professional after-sales service

We continue to export gas fired heating equipment to various European countries and in Ireland, we represent the following brands: Immergas, Re-Verber-Ray, MHG Heizteknik, RVR Solar, Calpak, TISUN, Varmbaronen, Guntamatic, Aldes, TML, and Sira.

We focus on solid engineering, competence, innovation and strive for excellence in our after sales customer care.

Our website summarises our current product portfolio. If you would like to know more, please contact us.

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