Honeywell 24 hour time switch
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The ST6100A is a 24 hour timeswitch with two on/off switchings times per day. This unit can be used for combi boilers, added zones or any application where small electrical loads need switching. 
A hinged cover conceals the programming buttons when not in use, leaving only the two override buttons exposed. The front cover also carries abbreviated user instructions on the inside for permanent ready reference.


  • Built-in battery back-up.
  • Built-in start-up programme.
  • Clear digital display.
  • Ease of operation.
  • Temporary or permanent over-ride facilities.
  • 12-hour time display with am/pm indication.
  • Simple change to 24 hour clock display.
  • Programme indicator lights.
  • Double insulated.
  • Extra hour facility for one hour boost or programme extension.
  • Earth wire parking terminal.

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Manufacturer: Honeywell