RVR Vacuum Collector Kits
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These high-efficiency vacuum collector kits contain the essential components required to install a solar hot water heating system.  The matched components provide excellent efficiency and performance.  Installation costs are reduced due to kit pre-assembly. 

The RVR Solar HP Range of vacuum tube collectors offer excellent value as they have a low cost per kWh of output and a high efficiency. The collectors are also very easy to transport and handle as the tubes can be disconnected from the collector manifold.

Kits may be combined with suitably sized twin coil water heaters to provide a complete solar water heating solution.

Contents of Kit:

  • Solar Collectors
  • Pre-mixed solar fluid
  • Solar expansion vessel
  • Expansion vessel connector
  • Blending valve
  • 2 x Roof Pipe Flashings

Water Heating Tank and piping kits are available as accessories.   Please choose mounting accessories below - the frame of the collector(s) can be mounted directly to the roof using a hangar bolt kit or a stainless steel floating bracket system provides greater adjustment and flexibility.

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Manufacturer: RVR Energy Technology Ltd