8th April 2020

RVR Energy Technology continues to supply spare parts and products as required to ensure continuity of important services, particularly for essential sectors such as healthcare and community care.

Our sales team and office staff (working remotely) remain available to service existing and new enquiries and to support ongoing administrative, sales and technical support activity.

We continue to be able to fulfil most orders from stock. For items which are not in stock, supply of spare parts from suppliers continues without interruption, however there may be some delays in availability and during incoming transport due to the restrictions in place across Europe.

If you have a project which requires the urgent supply of goods, especially if it is critical for healthcare or community care purposes, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.


26th March 2020

RVR Energy Technology continues to trade as normal.  Office staff continue to work from home and non-essential travel has been halted.  Precautions have been put in place to maintain social distancing among the small number of staff fulfilling orders.

To date, we have seen only minor delays in the supply chain, however we expect that the supply of goods from continental Europe to experience a significant level of disruption in the coming weeks.  Milan in particular is a logistics hub which has and will continue to be heavily affected by the crisis in Italy. 

In addition to this, most businesses in Italy have faced temporary closure by government decree.  Italy is a major manufacturer of HVAC products such as boilers, radiators and calorifiers.  This will lead to a disruption in the supply of certain products although we expect this will not be limited to our direct suppliers and partners but will instead be an industry-wide problem.

As of today, our stock levels remain healthy and we can fulfil most orders.  We continue to ship goods five days a week.  However, if you have a project which requires the urgent supply of goods, especially if it is critical for healthcare or community nursing purposes, please do not delay in contacting us by phone or email.


13th March 2020

RVR Energy Technology is  open for business as normal and day to day activities such as shipping orders continue.

In line with the general guidance from the government and the national public health emergency team yesterday, all office staff are now working from home.

The limited number of warehouse staff are limiting social interaction and are observing all necessary precautionary and hygeinic procedures.

At this point, we have not seen any supply chain disruption and goods are continuing to arrive as normal.  We have had contact with our logistics partners and major suppliers and all have policies in place regarding shipment from abroad which involve strict hygiene and limited interaction between drivers and warehouse workers at points of collection and beyond.

Limiting social interaction is an essential activity for everyone in these difficult times.

Please do not visit RVR Energy Technology Ltd's offices unless absolutely necessary. Please call 064 664134 for assistance instead. If you wish to collect goods in person, please phone in advance.