Case Study - Domino EXR Heat Pump Improves Energy Efficiency For Ballyshannon Leisure Centre

Reducing Operational Costs and Carbon Footprint Through Renewable Energy

The Ballyshannon Leisure Centre in Co.Donegal, Ireland, recently underwent a significant upgrade to its heating system. This project demonstrates how commercial facilities can achieve both cost savings and environmental benefits by transitioning from traditional fossil fuel systems to renewable energy solutions.

The Challenge

The leisure centre previously relied on sectional steel oil boilers, a technology known for its low seasonal efficiency. This resulted in high operational costs and a significant carbon footprint.

The RVR Solution

The Ballyshannon Leisure Centre case study offers valuable insights for other commercial facilities seeking to modernize their heating systems while embracing sustainability.

We invite you to explore the full case study and learn more about the technologies used and the impressive results achieved.

Ballyshannon Leisure Centre Case Study


More Information 

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