Case Study - Water Heating with Enerblue HP90 CO2 Heat Pump at The K Club Hotel Kildare

The K Club wanted to create a more efficient DHW System to meet the daily hot water demands and reduce the hotel's Carbon footprint. An Enerblue air source CO2 heat pump heat pump was installed to handle the domestic water heating load.

Enerblue air source CO2 heat pumps are ideal for commercial applications in hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, schools and larger buildings where a large volume of water heating is required. They can produce hot water at temperatures of up to 90°C at an outdoor temperature of -5°, and have an operating range down to -20°C. They are available in capacities from 14.8kW to 124.3kW and may be cascaded where larger outputs are needed.

Read the full case study for the project, click the button below to open and read the study. You are also welcome to download a copy from the app for future reference.

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Enerblue specialise in high temperature heat pumps and in products using natural refrigerants.  Follow the link below to learn more.

Enerblue Hear Pump Range