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We've created a short guide that explains the basics of how a typical air to water heating system in Ireland works - and what we will do for you. Click on the image to download it.

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This technical catalogue is a handy download for installers and other technical customers.

It contains technical information for our entire range of domestic heat pumps, cylinders, radiators and underfloor heating (UFH).

Heat Pumps - Ireland

RVR Energy Technology  can supply an air to water heating system for any project throughout Ireland – whether it is New Build, a Retro-fit in recent homes or a Retro-fit in older homes.

New Build

For new build houses, the Mitsubishi Ecodan range of air to water heat pumps is ideal.

Ultra quiet outdoor units paired with pre-packaged or pre-plumbed cylinders make a new installation a breeze.

A complete range of Underfloor Heating and Aluminium Radiators is also available.

Houses built 2000+

For retro-fit in recent homes an Immergas Magis Pro air source heat pump is a great choice.

 The indoor unit shares the same dimensions and connections as a gas boiler so is the perfect replacement.

 The existing cylinder and radiators can often be re-used.

Houses built 1990s & before

Insulation often needs to be improved and radiator sizes increased.  once this is done, the Magis Pro air source Heat Pump is again a good choice.

Where a big retrofit might be too hard or costly, the Immergas Magis Combo heat pump for older houses offers an excellent alternative.

It can be installed in almost any home, regardless of insulation upgrades, without replacing the radiators or cylinder.

Want to find out if your home is heat pump ready? 

About RVR Energy Technology

Pioneer Radiant Products began manufacturing gas-fired radiant heaters in Kenmare, Co. Kerry in the mid-70s. Pioneer became Re-verber-ray in the 1980s which in turn became RVR in the 1990s.

From houses to churches, hospitals to schools, apartments to aircraft hangars, we have supplied heating equipment for every type of Irish building.

Whether the project requires a small number of kW, multiple MW, or anything in between, we have a solution. We have been delivering successful heating projects for over 40 years.

Our partners

Immergas are a major European manufacturer of heating products.  Their headquarters and main manufacturing plant is located near Parma, Italy.

They have manufactured over 8 million heating appliances since they were established in 1964.  Today, they offer a range of split and monobloc heat pumps in a range of capacities.

Mitsubishi Electric is a well-known name when it comes to air conditioning and their heat pump products are of the same high quality.

Their range of Ecodan air to water heat pumps and packaged cylinders are a popular choice.

Italian company Thermocold is a subsidiary of Trane Technologies (formerly Ingersoll Rand Climate Division).

Thermocold provide a wide range of commercial heat pumps.  Their MEX VSX monobloc air source heat pump range is suited to some larger domestic applications.

Enerblue is a leading Italian manufacturer of chillers and heat pumps.

Enerblue specialise in natural refrigerants, Low GWP refrigerants and very high temperature heat pumps.

Their products are primarily aimed at commercial applications.

Browse by technology

Monobloc Heat Pumps

Monobloc heat pumps have all the refrigeration components inside the unit outside.

Heating water flows between the heat pump and inside the building.  Sometimes there is an indoor packaged cylinder or distribution unit.

Monobloc air-to-water heat pumps are a popular type of retro-fit heat pump in Ireland.

They are commonly chosen by installers as they are already filled with refrigerant and don't need an F-Gas registered technician to commission them.

Split Heat Pumps

Split heat pumps have an outdoor part and an indoor part.  These are connected together by refrigerant piping.

Sometimes the indoor unit and cylinder are packaged together - and sometimes the cylinder is separate.

Split heat pumps are often popular in new build developments and social housing. They cost less than a monobloc heat pump, but an F-Gas registered technician must charge the piping with refrigerant during commissioning.

Heat Pumps for older houses

There are grants for retro-fit of older homes but even so improving insulation, changing radiators and cylinder etc. can be costly.

An alternative is to use an air-to-water heat pump with a  supplementary heater. They offer the running costs and environmental benefits of a standard heat pump for most of the year while a backup boiler module provides additional capacity in the depths of winter.

They can be fitted in any house with no need to change the radiators or water heating tank in most cases. 

Heat Pump Water heaters

Heat pump water heaters integrate a heat pump and cylinder into a compact, energy efficient water heating solution.

Domestic hot water is heated in the most efficient way possible. Air is either ducted from outside or taken from an unheated space and used by the heat pump to heat the water in the cylinder at very low cost. Exhaust air is ducted to outside. 

The Rapax range from Immergas offers very quiet operation and fully automatic controls