Becoming an RVR Approved installer is easy - it is open to all Registered Gas Installers - and simply requires the completion of a short training course which provides familiarization and service knowledge on Immergas boilers.

The RVR approved installer programme offers a wide range of benefits.


We run a range of training courses on an ongoing basis.  Our current course, on Immergas domestic boilers, gives an overview on best practice for installing and servicing an Immergas boiler - learn more here.

6 Year Warranty

Boilers installed by RVR Approved Installers are eligible for the new 6 year extended warranty on Immergas domestic boilers.  This new 6 year extended warranty provides the opportunity to gain a predictable revenue stream through annual servicing, and gives the owner of the boiler added peace of mind.  For more information, see here.

Priority Telephone Technical Support  

All RVR Approved installers are given priority access to our dedicated technical support.

Comprehensive Technical Documentation

RVR Approved Installers receive access to instructions, exploded diagrams, wiring diagrams and technical documents for all Immergas boilers via

Preferential Parts Prices

RVR Approved installers who purchase a minimum of 5 boilers in a 12 month period can avail of an additional discounts on boiler parts.

Other Benefits

RVR Approved Installers can avail of additional benefits including merchandise, branding, promotion, referrals and other perks.

More Information

To become an RVR Approved Installer,  please come and join us on one of our training days.  We are currently running a course on Immergas domestic boilers - learn more here.