If you are involved in a project which requires sizing of heat pumps, underfloor, radiators, solar etc, please send us details of your project and we'll review them and provide a proposal.

We can assist on both new build and retro-fit and also whether you have a residential, commercial or industrial building. We will review your details and give you a quotation and any technical details required. There is no charge for this. Depending on the technology, we ask you to provide us with some relevant details:

  • For sizing a heat pump in a new build, please send us your latest DEAP XML file and we can check Part L compliance.
  • For sizing a heat pump for retro-fit, please give us as much details about the installation as possible - size of house, year of condtruction, underfloor or radiators, number of occupants and bathrooms etc.
  • For sizing underfloor, please give us your floor plan
  • For sizing radiators, please give us either a floor plan or a schedule of room sizes.
  • For anything else, please give us as much information as possible and we will get back to you with further information.

Please send the details to info@rvr.ie, including a reference name for the project. If you would like us to call you for more information, please include your contact details.

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