Thank you for your submission!  We have received your information. 

What happens next?

  • We will review your details and someone will be in touch shortly. 
  • They will gather any extra information needed to provide suitable advice and/or budget.
  • If you intend to avail of grants, you will need to have a technical assessment carried out by a registered technical assessor before the project can proceed. We can help arrange this.
  • Someone may also call to survey your project.
  • Once we have all the relevant information we will provide a full proposal with information about the most suitable products along with a detailed quotation.

If you decide to go ahead with the proposal:

  • We can help with the grant application process.
  • We can work with your installer to ensure that everything goes smoothly (If you don't have an existing installer we can recommend one).
  • If there are refrigeration connections to be made, our F-GAS registered technicians can take care of it.  They are also available to help commission your heat pump.
  • If there is a grant claim to be submitted, we can help with the documentation.


Thanks again for sending your details and we will be in touch soon.


RVR Energy Technology Ltd